In the All4Biodiversity programme, various parties work together to improve the quality of nature reserves in the Netherlands.

What is All4biodiversity?

LIFE IP All4Biodiversity is a six-year programme (2020-2025) to improve the quality of nature reserves in the Netherlands. We do this by research and via area-based pilots in close cooperation with partners from the surrounding areas. All4Biodiversity is divided into three phases of two years each, from 2020 to 2025, and consists of nine lines of action.


Promising measures

In pilots, the area partners want to identify the most promising measures to improve natural values close to a Natura 2000 area.

Business models

It is important that the measures are also financially viable, so that farmers, leisure entrepreneurs and others can continue their operations in the future. All4Biodiversity therefore pays much attention to business models for nature-inclusive agriculture and alternative business models.


Research and sharing its results are important to the project. The learnings from the pilots are shared via a toolbox. In this way, the lessons learned can be replicated in other locations both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Success factors

All4Biodiversity builds on the cooperation within the Delta Plan Biodiversity Recovery, of which it is an important pillar. The objectives and structure of All4biodiversity are based on the five success factors of the Delta Plan for Biodiversity Recovery.

Why this programme?

The Netherlands has many beautiful nature reserves, with specific plants, animals and landscapes. Nature however is under pressure due to dehydration, fragmentation or excess levels of nitrogen. This is often caused by activities in the immediate vicinity.

All4Biodiversity wants to address this. The programme aims to improve the quality of nature reserves in the Netherlands by developing an integrated approach to the management of the terrestrial Natura 2000 areas, including the surrounding areas. This will be done in cooperation with all land users.


Working together

Cooperation with owners and land managers near nature areas is crucial for improving the quality of nature. Therefore we will cooperate closely to restore biodiversity in the entire area: both the Natura 2000 site and surrounding areas. For these locations we will identify promising measures to improve the quality of nature and implement these. This contributes to the protection of nature reserves and increases the biodiversity in the surrounding areas.

The measures must ultimately be financially beneficial to all stakeholders. As such, the protection and recovery of biodiversity must change from a cost item into a source of income.


Lines of action for biodiversity recovery

The All4biodiversity programme consists of the following lines of action (links are in Dutch):


All4bBodiversity comprises seven pilots (Dutch) around a Natura 2000 area in five Dutch provinces (Zuid-Holland, Limburg, Friesland, Gelderland and Noord-Brabant). Each pilot project identifies promising measures to enhance the nature values in and around the nature reserve.

The Netherlands has more than 160 Natura 2000 reserves. These have the highest status for environmental protection within Europe, because these biomes are home to specific plants, animals or landscapes. With the lessons learned from All4Biodiversity, the other Natura 2000 areas can eventually work towards even more robust and beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands.


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